March 31, 2010

The Magic Called Photovoltaics

The need for energy in today’s world can be nothing but increasing. As Mahatma Gandhi said “Nature can feed a man’s need, but not his greed”, the energy sources are limited. One source of unlimited energy however, which we call the mother of all energy sources, is the Sun. It is this sun that in many cultures is worshipped, considered God. This divinity is what lights up the world during the day. Technology when added to the divinity can light up the darkness of the night. This is where photovoltaics can play a big role. I am talking about the 1.6 billion (Source: World Bank) people in this world who live in darkness from sunset to sunrise. There might be people who have neither seen nor heard of the magic of electricity. This is where the true application of photovoltaics lies. As Dr Harish Hande (MD and Founder of SELCO, Bangalore) said once, “Photovoltaics is expensive for the rich but cheap for the poor”. The environmental benefits of photovoltaics are well known to all and I don’t intend to write about them. Photovoltaics has its share of applications for the whole world in general, electrified or un-electrified.

Electricity as described in Harry Potter series is “what muggles use instead of magic”. Indeed electricity is synonymous to magic. I believe that photovoltaics is the magic of semi-conductors. The energy radiated by the sun is absorbed and converted to electricity without any emission or any rotation/movement.

My white paper on "Power where it is Needed: Promise of Photovoltaics"  can be accessed here. I am pleased to inform you the launch of our brand, Sunpossible, to provide the best possible and reliable solar powered solution. Watch this space for an overview of photovoltaics, the latest offerings of this magic and the world with respect to this phenomenal technology. 

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